Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Which Do You Like To Say?

Lady Gaga: Love Her Or Hate

Lady Gaga, the name you see every were. Lady Gaga is an American song writer, artist,singer pianist, and fashion designer. Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta; March 28, 1986 to her two Italian parents. Whether she is loved or hated she is always talked about. Lady Gaga may as well be crowned the new Queen of Pop because she is so new and original and different. From where she first came out with her first video which we all know as Just Dance Featuring Colby O'Donis and Akon. Akon was the one who singed Lady Gaga to Interscope Records. Lady Gaga's first album was called The Fame. The most rembered and probably most listened to songs on that album were, "Just Dance", "Fame", and "Poker Face". Lady Gaga has recently made another album as a continuation to her album The Fame. Tis album is called The Fame Monster. With the well known song "Bad Romance". Everyohne world wide knows about ths song because the video is so crazy and creative and will have you in shock and awe. The song its self is as weird and creative as Lady Gaga her self. Her music is said to be the thirst of music that everyone has been look and waiting for. I think this must be true because everyone knows we havent really seen or heard anything this great since Madonna, who has also been compared to Lady Gaga numerous times. Inconclusion to this i would just lieke to say that wheather people honestly hate or love Lady Gaga she will always be the talk of conversations for who knows how long but i hope its forever.

Songs To Recommand:
From Album "The Fame"- Just Dance
Poker Face
Money Honey
Boys Boys Boys
Beautiful Dirty Rich
Retro Dance Freak

From The Album "The Fame Monster"
Bad Romance
So HAppy I Could Die
Dance In The Dark
You will love these songs!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Why is almost every one in the world sooo afraid of the swine flu?? YEs we have all heard that it has taken many lives lately, but there is still treatment for it, it isn't like you will die with in minutes of having it. About a hundred cases of the swine flu have come up, and every one wants to walk around scared and wear a mask, but probably over a million people have contrscted aids, but still no one wants to wear a condom. Why is that?? Will some one please answer my question??

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